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Anime Download Station   ( English language )
The Ultimate in Downloads. Tons of Mp3s, mp2, real audio, real video, mpeg, vivo movies, midi music, from different Anime titles
(first time of submission 09/10/1999, time of update 09/10/1999)
1 Gustos- Anime & Manga   ( Spanish language )
You can see and listen in real time Videos, Music, Openings and presentations of Anime.- Sailor Moon Dragon Ball Z GT Ranma 1/2 Oh My goddness Evangelion Tenchi Muyo DNA 2 Macross Akira Dark Angel Dirty Pair Final Fantasy Nadia Otaku No Video Saint Seiya
(first time of submission 10/18/1199, time of update 10/18/1199)
Adina's Theater   ( English language )
poetry anime anime music other music quotes webrings links
(first time of submission 11/27/1199, time of update 11/27/1199)
Aie's Anime Music Archive   ( English language )
growing collection of anime songs in mp2 and mp3 ...mostly that i make myself..
(first time of submission 12/14/1199, time of update 12/14/1199)
Amano Jyaku's UROTSUKIDOJI Sound Archive   ( English language )
A QUALITY sound archive featuring music and wavs! Always expanding!
(first time of submission 11/13/1199, time of update 11/13/1199)
Anime House   ( English language )
This is an anime site that will have mp2, movs, mp3, midi and other pics and multimedia files for all kind of anime.
(first time of submission 01/08/1999, time of update 01/08/1999)
Anime Jukebox   ( English language )
Lodoss War, Patlabor & Sailor Moon among other titles
(first time of submission 10/28/1199, time of update 10/28/1199)
Anime Lair   ( English language )
Looking for quality anime multimedia ...heres the place!
(first time of submission 03/27/1999, time of update 03/27/1999)
Anime Lyrics Collection   ( English language )
One of the most extensive anime lyric pages for anime J-Pop! Includes archives of lyrics with romaji and english translations, images, personal pics, preferences, a voting room, and links. Still under construction, but soon to be complete!
(first time of submission 21/31/1999, time of update 21/31/1999)
Anime Matt   ( English language )
Pictures and midi files from several an anime, Sailor Moon, Dirty Pair Flash and much more
(first time of submission 02/27/1999, time of update 02/27/1999)
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