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Brewery Panic! A Saint Tail Fanfic   ( English language )
Story inspired by Kaito Saint Tail
(first time of submission 01/03/1999, time of update 01/03/1999)
Kaitou Saint Tail   ( English language )
Review of various hard-to-find young shoujo & bishoujo shows, focusing on those that feature young girl(s) coming-of-age.
(first time of submission 11/31/1999, time of update 11/31/1999)
Kaitou Seinto Teeru   ( English language )
Kaitou Seinto Teeru: A page about Saint Tail
(first time of submission 12/20/1199, time of update 12/20/1199)
Lisa e Seya (Kaitou Saint Tail)   ( English language / Italian language )
Kaitou Saint Tail - Italian Site
(first time of submission 12/22/1199, time of update 12/22/1199)
Magical Girl : Saint Tail   ( English language )
Webpage with infos and pictures about a Magical Girl : Saint Tail
(first time of submission 03/24/1999, time of update 03/24/1999)
Meimi's Homepage   ( Japanese language )
Kaitou St.Tail homepage. This homepage has many datas,links etc…
(first time of submission 03/06/1999, time of update 03/06/1999)
Nakayosi's Kaitou Saint Tail Homepage   ( English language )
Information and pics concerning St Tail
(first time of submission 01/30/1999, time of update 01/30/1999)
Saint Tail's Page   ( English language )
This is a page with images in little infos. Please sign my guestbook too.
(first time of submission 02/14/1999, time of update 02/14/1999)
Seira Mimori's St. Paulia Church of Saint Tail Images   ( English language )
Come in and attend the mass(gallery) at Saint Paulia's church with Seira Mimori and let her explain to you the images
(first time of submission 02/09/1999, time of update 02/09/1999)
Serena's Japanese Animation Centre --- St. Tail   ( English language )
This Japanese animation homepage contains Japanese comics/cartoons. For example, St. Tail, Card Captor Sakura, Delicious!, Dream Saga, etc… It will always be updated.
(first time of submission 02/04/1999, time of update 02/04/1999)
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